Octopus of Wonder

For the sake of...

In the name of...

I choose

to enjoy the ride.

I accept

affirmations around, abundance abounds,

synchronicities and gifts,

the incoming flow of wealth--

dollars, hollers and health as well,

beyond my imagination

as a result of the joy

I take in my work.

I choose the courage to

Maintain Vibration.

I choose brilliance,


to shine the dissonance,

flow the rivers.

Call me crazy and I'll get crazier,

alchemize all our worry

into the octopus

of wonder & delight.

Out of wishes to bury my head

back in the sand,

my head is up to receive the blessing.

What used to give me fear

just gets me all excited now.


I'm running out of things to say.

The words are being

p u s h e d out of this body

to make room

for everything it's here to do.