If You Pass Gas in Yoga Class

If You Pass Gas in Yoga Class

If you pass gas in yoga class,


Don't grab your butt

or look around and say "What?!"

The moment was over

before it began;

most people will shrug

or pretend when they can

to look at the ceiling, their arms, or their hands.

Their minds are too busy with their own "shoulds" and "buts"

to even be worried 'bout

hellos from your guts.

Be more concerned

with your "Now..." and your "When..."

Just don't beat yourself up

for loud moments of zen.

* Firstly, in my experience of teaching, when people have farted in class, whoever dealt it is the ONLY one who jerks their up and looks around with a startled expression. Gas. It happens. It's healthy. Be free from your shame. Secondly, the advice to not eat a heavy or involved meal within two hours of going to class is real, for various good reasons. The main one being that the body needs time and stillness to properly digest its food before breathing and twisting around in unusual shapes.