Power of New

For Lovers of bodies,

those careful enough to traverse the jungle inside:

While standing,

I released the low end

Of my psoas on the left side.

The opposite of what I thought would happen


I expected the leg to feel heavier into the floor,

I expected myself to fall over

just slightly

forward or backward.

I was willing to find out;

This was my first time after all.

Instead, when I relaxed from the inside

I felt light as a feather

from a newly revealed center.

My feet found the function

Of merging into the ground

As gracefully as a waterbird

doing its thing.

All the other muscles waiting in the wings

for their turn to hold me up

perked up, ran to the field and said

"Yes! We're up, guys! We're up!"

I let them hold me.

This had been the secret this entire time.

I felt rested while standing.

I'll never forget the new feeling of float.

The sun shone through my eyes.

Droves of "whoas" flew around my spine.

"This is real wild, man,"

I said aloud.

The sensation was so great I forgot I had witnesses.

Ah, witnesses.

With all respect,

People being around me used to not matter, or so I convinced myself.

Life happened anyway.

Trees grew, everything bloomed, etc.

Big Nature herself has since taught me a lesson.

When I saw

with my own eyes

The sun through the trees

Of the belly of the earth

In a secret and remote place,

When I saw the tiniest

most untouched thing

I've ever seen

bloom before my eyes

I was reborn.

Every body is a jungle.

Built from private moments

Boundaries drawn only by the willingness to go into sacred places.

When someone else

Stays to witness

While all I want to do is grow

We are both reborn.

When somebody can see

That all I want to do

is sprawl myself out

Like the vines swerving

Toward the shimmery flowing alive,

The feeling is mutual.

I am still learning.

Everyday I ask myself if I'm ready. I've changed my mind about many things.

Don't get me wrong, I love the work I'm just done with a life of trying too hard.

In work. In romance.

Being seen is the best intercourse ever.