Machine Maintenance: Water, Sleep, and Inner Peace

Machine Maintenance: Water, Sleep, and Inner Peace

In 2018, I wanted to highlight what I consider the self care prerequisites to every day, let alone fancy new year resolutions. The fundamentals are easy to forget, yet affect decision-making, how we interact with others, and everything else. With the proper amounts of water, sleep, and inner peace, our bodies will be in great shape to handle the high-level functioning that the modern day demands.

The basics go a long way. Try all three or consistently practice one. Just begin now.


I've had recent revelations about this one lately, especially because drinking enough water a day is something I shelved under "yeah yeah, I know this one". Fresh knowledge about the benefits of staying hydrated helped me reconnect to how much water I add to my diet. It was fun to learn about hydration and especially how it affects the brain.

Tired? Foggy? Forgetful?

Honey, you might just be thirsty...


Oddly, for most people, this is the easiest thing to cut out and one of the most important things our bodies need to function well. Machines and living things without a resting phase or period of recharge experience burnout and exhaustion. Life these days demands for us to be fully AWAKE.

In order for that to happen, we need our sleep.,,20459221,00.html#live-longer--0​

Inner Peace

I can go ALL DAY EVERYDAY on this one. This whole website is born out of the process of maintaining inner peace and sustaining vitality (see Machine Maintenance for more). For over nearly two decades I've watched many bodies self-create misalignments and become sick from withholding mental and emotional stress. Denial of gut feelings, instinct, and reacting to unhealthy imaginings will ultimately suck the life out of us.

To think about how nice inner peace is to have is one thing. To actually move and act differently in the body will show the mind new pathways of how to be. Only you, the driver and owner of your body, can do it.

Heck yes it's a challenging process that takes time, practice, consistency. Building new habits to change a behavior is the trickiest part. Tips, tricks and how-tos of knowing thyself have been passed down through the ages for a reason: knowing yourself is liberation from the game. It's living power and perspective. It's why we're here.

If you really want to get on the inner peace train this year drop me a line or go to your nearest trusted guide or teacher and say "Okay. Enough boobing around. I'm gonna change my world right now and I need your help."

Here are a few resources on intuition, taming worry, and meditation: