Cosmic Peep Show






Cosmic Peep Show


As a piece of cosmos here on land,

I like to think 

we wear these skins like Christmas sweaters, 

filling these threads with power,

adding color to our nebulas

so that when we're done 

and get back up to the stars, 

we're right on time.


The "Before & After" on the Catwalk of Space:

A split screen reveal

shows the glimmer of light we once were--

still impressive,

alongside what we've become after all that time

walking bi-pedal bodies 

of heaven on earth,

no longer struggling to hold our sparks in,

swallowing our sunbeam burps.




to glow in our Multiverse hometown, 

at last in our true flesh,

shamelessly letting our hair down

in bodacious flowing waves 

of oooh and ahhhh.

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