The Affirmation of Black Phoebe

Sketch. Ink on notebook paper

The Affirmation of Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe,

You answer my prayers.

You find me each time

when I give up on hope,

undermine a leap of faith,

forget my place in the design of things.

Your timing

forces me to believe

you know that I know,

and it brings me to tears.

Maya said "Miss your words".

I realized that I missed them too.

I missed my real voice.

and the power to create

from a place that was pure

with no second guesses.

With three words, she became you that day:

my affirmation bird

an angel

bells that ring

a thumbs up from the sky

a hug when I needed the most holding

the best reminder.

Like an animal

I am never aimless

because I was born.

Here with many moments,

plenty of chances to be

somebody else's Black Phoebe.