Growing into your own skin

only to grow right back out of it

may be the perk of all the adulting you think you're doing.

All the challenging unglamorous moments

of crying on the train,

worrying your loved ones,

disappointing those you hold most dear,

expensive mistakes that ended up in a box somewhere in Long Beach,

squishing a pie in the face of a lover who wronged you,

will eventually evolve

into a cry out

or a sigh out

abrupt as the "puff of air test" at the optometrist

(Oh eyeballs, that first time will get ya!)

all so you can see more clearly.

What was all that?

What is all this?



Asking you to stay open

shedding what you think you know so you can finally be the universe you are.

After seeing myself in full magnitude

how on earth could I keep away from that feeling?

I could even feel my ideas breathing.

I used to hide sharing the world from behind my eyes. Because.

How dare I slump into something smaller

How dare I keep from helping you see your brightness too

That is if you...want to...

How could I keep you from this feeling?

Home is where the love builds.

Home grows.

In this body that's what I'll do

until i'm through

Until I'm Through

Until I'M Through.