Life-o-meter: From Fight-or-Flight to Insight

Life-o-meter: From fight/flight to insight

Do you find yourself clenching your jaw when the unexpected happens? When the world feels topsy turvy, do you marvel at all the many, many ways there are to "do human" like I do?

Perhaps this gauge will be a handy visual to help your body process the breathtaking reactions we can have during seemingly ridiculous times, especially in this day and age. I've found that staying curious about surprises or unexpected challenges (aka "OH SHIT" moments), is key when it comes to turning fight or flight into insight.

It's the action of wonder that helps us keep calm, learn lessons, and save our strength for better things than blind, panicky reactions. By "better things" I mean making room for delights the world has in store for us if we keep our heads up and eyes open to the actual hope-giving, faith-restoring radness that can be there if we choose to see it.

How to read the meter:

Hint: Let the life-o-meter come alive for you at any moment in the form of mini animated dashboard only you can see throughout your day-to-day. Let the lightning bolt move, bobbing from left to right as it needs.

FIGHT/FLIGHT: A potential "OH $%*K" internal reaction caused by external stimuli. This can include wide eyes, clenched teeth, fists of fury, rage, bulging veins, tears, etc. We usually gasp or hold our breath here. This can be for good stuff too!

WTF: The slight calm that follows if the situation is not life threatening, where curiosity can become an option if you let it.

CURIOSITY: The chance to advance! And it's the part where we take a deep breath, take a beat and look something up, find information, stand our ground, ask a question.

...OH. OKAY. HMM...: Seeing what the situation for what it is, regardless of your feelings about it.

INSIGHT: Lesson learned, wisdom gained, even if you come away just a little smarter, you venture beyond what you have been given to believe. Deep down inside you evolve and become openminded someway, somehow.

Reminders and items of note:

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that breathing is a major part of the curiosity part. Of all of it, actually. Have fun with this. And hey, even if you can't get past the Fight/Flight part, being able and willing to see that you're even there is a big step in the direction of self-awareness. So hooray for you!