Machine Maintenance: Systems check for the Head, Heart & Body

Head/heart/body: A handy scaling system to find balance within

the body, and help you operate more efficiently throughout your day.

Step 1: The Head. See what's on your mind. Witness all of your thoughts without picking up and holding one for too long. Value the experience of thinking things as true and real, because no matter what it is, your thoughts shape your world. Breathe and accept that every little thought and opinion you have at this moment will transform in time.

Step 2: The Heart. Feel what's in your heart. Witness all of the emotions you carry at the moment. Acknowledge them as true and real, because feelings change the way you breathe and guide your actions. Breathe and accept the fact that even the deepest of your emotions will transform in time.

Step 3: The Body. Listen to your entire machine. From head to toe, listen, scan, witness all of the sensations within your entire body. Value every tingle and buzz as true and real, as you are. Breathe and enjoy that even the luxury of discomfort proves that you're still around to feel it. Accept that your whole body will transform in time.

Using the scale: Take notice when one of these sections feels stronger or sharper than the other. Let the more capable part take the lead for the day. For instance, there might be a time where inventory might result in: Head 3, Heart 8, Body 10. That might mean it's a great time to rearrange your apt, go dancing, provide moral support. If you can, hold off on complex problems or building spreadsheets when your mind is foggy.

Being receptive to the body's messages saves a tremendous amount of time and energy. No need to overextend a part that's all "meh" when another part of you is like "F-yeah I got this. Let me drive."

Check your own gauge. Play with the scale. Take actions to balance where you feel the most capable. Listen to the body; it's one of the purest relationships you have in terms of feedback and a call to action.

Now go.

Know thyself and play in it!