Nectar & Cup: Love poems

...My teacher taught me this. Approve me or disapprove me: I praise the Mountain Energy night and day. I take the path that ecstatic human beings have taken for centuries... I have felt the swaying of the elephant's shoulders; and now you want me to climb on a jackass? Try to be serious!

- Mirabai

Ain't No Thang

When I pressed my forehead into your heart

and closed my eyes,

I remembered the birthplace of every star in the sky.

When we rode against the wind,

I knew the path of every bird

that had seen the ground from high above.

When we swam in the champagne waters

a mile away from the volcano,

my body became the flow.

You have given me the taste of inspiration

from every kitchen on the planet.

I smell you and instantly

I'm barefoot in a creek standing by the flowers under the trees of the Columbia Gorge.

All that was nothing compared to what's next.

As steep as sadness can be

it will never touch what is (for now) above me.

These feelings build the wings for my next flight.


One day the love of my life will come up to me and say,

"Hey. I like the way you wear your human suit."

Afterwards he'll kiss my face, hold my hand and won't think about letting go.

Nectar & Cup

The cup, hold it still

Moving too much it will spill

Steady, steady. Fill.

Eleven Twelve Fifteen

In the belly of the night, during the hour that almost everything alive is longing to be held,

my body spoke its Truth:

There is a greater feeling than the feeling of belonging to another;

It is the realization that you truly belong in your own skin, the pot of golden stars that you are.

To be held by another human being that knows how to fearlessly belong to themselves must be--

I can only guess at this point,

one of the greatest sensations in the universe.

That is when space can truly be shared, like two bright galaxies hanging together in the dark.