The Fish and the Bear


Photo Credit: JOEL SARTORE
Salmon fishing, Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska, 1999


 "I really only got one frame that was any good — that one picture. And that was on film, so I didn’t even know I had it for weeks. It’s a lucky shot. But luck favors the prepared, right?" -Joel Sartore 


The Fish and the Bear

I am the fish

tired of fake love and pretend growing.

I aim for the the belly, surrender my body to a nobler fate.


I am the bear

waiting for those who are strong enough

to give me strength for the journey.


Love is the fish and the bear:

No more of the safety-blanket story of loneliness.

Here on purpose, feet planted in determined current.

Here on purpose, the swim up-river.

Hungry for truth and the wonder of life.

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