Diorama Mama

"Tin Man and the Dinos" by Trinity Capili

Toy models of T-Rex, Ceratopsidae ( that's the family name of the triceratops!), and Tin Man, giant spool of rainbow string, large fishtank buddha, sunlight, and the soil of my outdoor winebarrel tree


Music, the end of a romantic relationship and all of the longing, expectation and shadows that come with it. I just wanted to create something cool looking from a place of hurt to prove to myself that the world wasn't as dark as what I was feeling.


All of my friends and loved ones, lovers, and teachers in my life.

The things I thought about while making this:

That last yard sale was a win. I wonder what happened to my shoe box of all of my old happy meal toys. I need to find it. Man I feel sad. Gosh I'm gonna miss how his hands felt on my skin.


I can't hide anymore.

So I won't.