Letters to Sequoia

October 8, 2015

Entry no.3

Dear Sequoia,

I thought it would be cool for you to see a slice of life 2015.

This picture was taken on the Red Line to North Hollywood on my way home from work in downtown LA. As for the people attached to these legs, I wrote down some of the details for you:

(Clockwise from the blue sneakers)

Blue Nikes: a teenager leaning back against the back of the train car. His girlfriend was leaning into him and whispering in his ear.

Black Shoes: a man who was about my age. He had a kind face and had his eyes closed almost the whole time I was on the train with him. I kept trying to decide if he was asleep or meditating.

Brown leather tie up heels: a lady that was wearing headphones, sunglasses, and had a head of brown curly hair. Her head was bowed down and her attention was fixed on a game she was playing on her cellphone.

Grey street shoes who's heels are facing the camera: a man reading a book who eventually sat down in the chair closest to me.

I hope this was a good fit in your digital time capsule.