Slicing Through Spacetime: Infinite knowledge that hides in the ground-level things that keep me fro

Reasons why I choose to breathe:

I breathe to make space inside of my body when it feels tangled and knotted up.

I breathe because it helps in the process of making my body strong and flexible; this enables me to do all the things that my body needs to breathe even more.

Breathing well means I'm living well and taking my body to the places it likes to wiggle around in.

I breathe for the same reasons that people have fallen in love with dancing, music, and art-- because breathing was the only thing in the world that helped me during the times that I have felt very very alone. It was after I developed a really consistent breathing practice that I could feel the molecules of space do their thing in my body. I felt their little dance in my lungs and I could feel the process of my lungs sharing this with my blood.

I breathe because it helps me pay attention.

I breathe because when I do, I feel connected with everything that has breathed before me and everything that will breathe long after I have walked this earth.

I breathe because when my body finishes its part in the grand ol' process in the compost pile of life,

it'll become the air that you breathe too. And I want that air to be good.