LET'S GET PHYSICAL: Movement + Assisted Meditation  

My mission is simple: 

Help people FEEL the SWEETNESS of their bodies again.


ALIGN the body, becoming aware of your physical structure and how it moves around in the world.

CONNECT deeply with the interactions between your mind, heart and body. 

OPEN new pathways in the body to hone your instincts.

The time spent is designed like a personal-training session, where you feel the benefits of the practice and can walk away with techniques for applied practice to maintain between sessions. Sessions are typically 50 minutes long and are completely customizable.

Types of Sessions:

Moving Parts 

This session is focused on movement technique. Improve posture, reacquaint yourself with your physical alignment, increase range of motion, and make space in the body through movement exercises and proper stretching technique.

The Battery Pack:

All you do is breathe.  Assisted meditation through deep relaxation and activation of energetic points in the body, massage of the head, face, neck, hands and feet.