Our bodies need a say in our lives.  From the neck down is where all the activity from the neck up is shaken down and processed.  In this overwhelmingly head-centered world my concern is that without balance, we as human creatures just might internally combust.

Creature Pace is my two cents in the universal conversation about head, heart, and body. I've nerded out on all types of people and served as a body-whisperer and zen-zapper for various minds for two decades now.  This is my memorialization of insights and lessons learned from studying my body and yours. This is my hopeful attempt to provide resources as an ally for the animal in all of us.

"The average person today processes more data in a single day than a person in the 1500s did in an entire lifetime."        

- from The Human Face of Big Data

I don't think I'm alone. I see the tension in your bodies too: from the neck down and all over, the body clenches up into tiny mini fists while the mind goes on overdrive from the amount of digital Las Vegas it can go through in one sitting.  Within seconds we can feel tur...

April 6, 2018

     Nighttime in the jungle is dark, aside from the fireflies and occasional glow of a headlamp. When you had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you could either grab your headlamp, put some shoes on and take a stroll to to the toilet, or go off the side of the hut. The huts were raised about five feet off the ground. As a female with corresponding lady parts,  I'd found my preferred method of squatting off the...

January 25, 2016

 ...Just as a trainer of lions, tigers or elephants studies their habits and moods and treats them with kindness and compassion, and then puts them through their paces slowly and steadily, the practitioner of pranayama  (breathing consciously) should study the capacity of their lungs and make the mind passive in order to tame the incoming and outgoing breath. If the animal trainer is careless, the animals will maim him. In the...

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