For the sake of...

In the name of...

I choose

to enjoy the ride. 

I accept

affirmations around, abundance abounds,

synchronicities and gifts,

the incoming flow of wealth--

dollars, hollers and health as well,

beyond my imagination 

as a result of the joy 

I take in my work. 

I cho...

Zen Sandwich

With patience, time, energy

take the ideas that jump into the mouth

chew them

really really really well

before sending the pieces


to the village of the body.

The up-down side-to-side of the jaw

plus the smushing around of the tongue and teeth

starts up the wa...

Respectfully and speaking in good humor, I've been ready to die for years now. In movie scenes where people are being chased by zombies, sharks, or a band of angry goons, I've related most to the character who stays behind, looks back at their crew with eyes brimming w...

July Firsts

For the past decade or so, I've dedicated the month of July to celebrate my birthday by conducting an annual review of my life. With the diligence of any Type-A personality left inside of me, I take self-inventory, investigate my resources, and make it a poi...

The sky shifts
to showcase the sunrise
The birdies sing,
"Almost time for hula..."

In the wind 

palm fronds

snap their fingers

rain taps its toes,

"Wakey wakey, Trinidad!

The way you dance with us is everything."

Once I wake

I drink my juice

watch the chickies run,

chasing mama acr...

Insight flees from fight or flight
Soften the body with all your might
The steady breath gives life to earth
Money rarely shows the worth. 

The ocean air tells me things 

about life,

what the phytoplankton are up to,

which shell is next up for molting,

waves are waves no matter their size.

My body 

gathers it all, 

because every drop 

tends to change

everything I think I know. 


it's still









to the rest

of your brilliant body.

Being in love makes me understand, with a deeply growing interest, the reason for teddy bears and black sand beaches, the difference between scattershot and sniper rifle, sunshine and laser, the tea cup and charger plate, the fat drippy brush and the .03mm fine line pe...

Below are the first three and last three journal entries from my travels to Ecuador in March of 2018. 




Delicious Chilean wine is being served at dinner time in the dining room of Hostal la Rabida. I spent my first full day...

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