ABOUT Trinity the Human 

The youngest of three daughters and a first-generation American, Trinity is currently based in Los Angeles and serves clients in NY, Portland, and Hawaii. 

After two decades of a steady practice in meditation, movement, and breathing technique, she lives for sharing modern and ancient techniques

that lead to fulfillment in every moment.  

Currently, Trinity helps individuals and communities to recognize the value of full-body, high quality interactions. 

Other projects include a mentorship with Dr.Linda Lack for certification in Movement Therapy to help grow the modality of The Thinking Body- The Feeling Mind, and writing a book or two about lessons she learned in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador and the importance of finding beauty in each moment. 

Community is everything.

Pachamama Alliance

Pachamama Alliance is an organization that allies with the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest, waking folks up to changing the dream and evolving our vision for the future of humanity.  The forest is as real is it can get and absolutely necessary to life on Earth. Viisiting it/learning about it/ broadening your perspective about life and the people in it will change you forever.


The Thinking Body--The Feeling Mind

Body awareness, health, mindfulness, the future of movement probably like nothing you've done before. 

Let's get physical

For private decompression sessions for increased range of motion in the mind and body, go to creaturepace.com

Personal note

I hope I'll live to see the next Golden Age: more of us Awake than sleeping, consciously giving ourselves what we need in order to help one another thrive. We are evolving in this moment of time;  the degree to which life happens can feel bananas, disturbing, amazing.  Much of what we're told to believe is bogus.  So, why not self-educate, fully deal with the real, and really go for what lights you up?  The time is now when it comes to getting rad at the business of life.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos, illustrations, dioramas and text are copyright 2018 by Trinity Capili