ABOUT Trinity the Human 

I have a dream that a meditative practice will be as rote a task as brushing teeth or making the bed, that checking in with the body, spirit, and mind on a daily basis (at least) will be developmentally synonymous with learning how to crawl or walk.  It'll just be something we know to pass on for surviving and thriving on this earth. Everyone will claim their birthright as teachers, empowered reflections of the world around them. We'll look back and say "Oh yeah, there were classes on this stuff ages ago.  How funny..."

UNTIL THEN, we've got the work of evolution to do.

We are already on our way, which is as simple as being with what makes us feel more alive. 

This site is made up of incredible times and wobbly experiences that have made me feel more alive in this dream of life.

I pray you enjoy them and feel something, maybe even feel yourself, as you read and sift through. 


Unless otherwise noted, all photos, illustrations, dioramas and text are copyright 2020 by Trinity Capili