The other day, I made a deposit into my bank account, bringing myself out of the red and into the positive balance of eighty cents. So goes the tumble of life sometimes. Today in LA, $0.80 will cover one ride on a shuttle bus to the Griffith Observatory and a gum ball...

To my sisters everywhere,

Sometimes in the bleepbloop 

of this day and age,

It's easy to forget
we hail from the dust of the powerful,
the previously disassembled
quieted, pushed away

and set to fire.

As we surf new waves 

technology has broadened our reach:
if we can
take a...

Job applied for: Concierge 

To the Powers That Be at xxxxxxxxxx,

I have made a living leading people into customized wonderful experiences, not only within themselves, but in the world around them. There is always an unspoken request in every interaction and it's my spec...

Shaping the air,

earth, sea...

like icing on a cake. 

The board is just 

the butterknife between us. 

Baboom baboom


Zingy zingy poink!





this body enjoys 

being a system of layers

making sure that its rivers

remain in 


I trust the breath; 

it knows its way through the dark. 

I trust the body;

it's known what to do since the womb.

I trust the tribe 

they know to show me the light

when I've played alone

too long in my cave.

For the sake of...

In the name of...

I choose

to enjoy the ride. 

I accept

affirmations around, abundance abounds,

synchronicities and gifts,

the incoming flow of wealth--

dollars, hollers and health as well,

beyond my imagination 

as a result of the joy 

I take in my work. 

I cho...

Zen Sandwich

With patience, time, energy

take the ideas that jump into the mouth

chew them

really really really well

before sending the pieces


to the village of the body.

The up-down side-to-side of the jaw

plus the smushing around of the tongue and teeth

starts up the wa...

Respectfully and speaking in good humor, I've been ready to die for years now. In movie scenes where people are being chased by zombies, sharks, or a band of angry goons, I've related most to the character who stays behind, looks back at their crew with eyes brimming w...

July Firsts

For the past decade or so, I've dedicated the month of July to celebrate my birthday by conducting an annual review of my life. With the diligence of any Type-A personality left inside of me, I take self-inventory, investigate my resources, and make it a poi...

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